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Cormoran Association of Hunters and Fishermen is located in Draganesti-Olt, Olt county

AVPS Cormoranul

Details and useful information about the association

The Cormorant Draganesti-Olt Association was founded in 2011 and has its headquarters in Olt County, Draganesti-Olt. AVPS Cormoranul Draganesti-Olt is registered with the Ministry of Public Finance.

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Services & Offers

Details and information about hunting packages

AVPS The Cormorant Draganesti-Olt organizes in its 3 funds hunting sessions for several species depending on the hunting season. We offer complete airport transport packages – boarding, accommodation and hunting.

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Specii & vanatoare

Detalii despre speciile aflate in fondurile de vanatoare

Speciile de vanat care se pot vana pe fondurile AVPS Cormoranul Draganesti-Olt sunt mamifere si pasari de interes vanatoresc din care enumeram: rate, gaste, ciocarlii, prepelite, sturzi, cocosari, gugustiuci, turturele africane, si multe altele

Detalii specii & vanatoare