Welcome to AVPS Cormoranul Draganesti-Olt

The Association of Hunters and Fishermen Cormoran is located in Draganesti-Olt, Olt county

The Association of Hunting and Sports Fishermen Cormoran Draganesti-Olt was founded in 2011 and it has its headquarters in Olt County, Draganesti-Olt town, Marului Street no.34. AVPS Cormoran Draganesti Olt is registered at the Ministry of Public Finance and is a non-governmental legal person, private law, apolitical.

The purpose of the APS Cormoran Draganesti-Olt Association is to increase the value of the hunting potential, to carry out activities for the preservation of biodiversity and the protection of hunting and fishery fauna, as well as to protect the natural environment and its development.

We can say that Romania is a country with a high biodiversity and a very high percentage of intact natural ecosystems, and on its teritory there are numerous migratory colors.  The high level of diversity of ecosystems and, of course, geographical location is reflected in the rich flora and fauna diversity, represented by more than 3500 plant species and more than 30,000 species of animals.

We want to emphasize that in Romania the hunting activity is conscious, controlled, exploiting a renewable natural resource. Hunting activity aims to maintain the best balance between predatory and planted game species. This conception has been imposed as it has been observed that the current balance in nature is no longer a natural balance in the true sense of the word, but a balance maintained in a state of relative stability by the wise intervention of the human factor, namely the hunters. Like any other activity, it is imperative that the hunt be controlled, in order to maintain a balance and preserve biodiversity and a degree of regenerability.

AVPS Cormoranul Draganesti-Olt is a private non-governmental legal entity, apolitical with its own patrimony, which manages on a contract basis an area of 35000 ha, the area located in OLT county, consisting of 3 hunting funds

The hunting fund “Daneasa”

This hunting fund has no 40. The great advantage is that it has an opening of over 17 km to the Olt reservoir.

The hunting fund “Boiandru”

This hunting fund has nr.32.

The hunting fund “Coteana”

This hunting fund has nr.33.

The particular feature of AVPS Cormoran Draganesti-Olt hunting funds is given by two main elements:

1. Flight color for passage birds, including: rattles, gangs, choppers … etc.

The wildlife of landscapes, the lack of human settlements, the diversity of hunted species, all of which offer the hunter an invitation to discover or, as the case may be, rediscover the beauty of nature.