Regulations and legislation

Description of hunting activity and rules for participation in hunting parties

Hunting is the action of hunting, aging, singing, pursuit or any other activity having the purpose of capturing and / or killing a person or group of persons who have the legal right to practice hunting in full compliance with hunting law and Protection of the hunting fund;

Every hunter has the obligation to wear:

Participation in hunting is carried out in accordance with the provisions of Order no. 353/2008 of 04/06/2008:

  • carnet membru vanator;
  • permis de vanatoare permanent;
  • permis de port arma vizat la zi;
  • asigurare valabila;
  • echipament adecvat activitatii vanatoresti.

During hunting sessions it is strictly forbidden:

  • Alcohol consumption;
  • Use weapons with malfunctions and improvisations;
  • Straightening the weapon to the hunter or other people even if it is unloaded;
  • Leaving the hunting stand in which the organizer placed you;
  • The stand is left after the completion of the tour, at the organizer’s arrival;
  • Triggering the fire on the moving animal before the vendor ensures that there is no danger of injury or risky cargo.

Rules for individual hunting:

  • The loading of the weapon on the land where will be the haunt;
  • Carabines are fed upward;
  • Loading of the tipping weapon (central) is done with ground-oriented pipes;
  • When loading the weapon, the hunter has the obligation to ensure that there are no persons in the direction of the pipes.

Rules for collective hunters:

  • Participation at the hunting is based on the hunting license for the day;
  • The hunter only uses guns and munition authorized for the hunted species;
  • During the chase, the hunter does not change the position of the stand and does not leave the stand indicated by the organizer;
  • During the hunting, the hunter does not let the loaded gun down, and never rests in unstable balance, the loaded gun is always held in the hand;
  • The hunter must never shoot for any reason in the direction of the stands or at angles of more than 300 from their line;
  • Hunting is never pursued with gun-to-eye over the stall;
  • When the gonacies are near 120m in the woods and 200m in the open field, they no longer have the right to shoot in open field;
  • For the bullet guns (carbine) these are more than 200m in the forest and 500m in the open field;
  • They do not leave the stand until the end of the chase when the hunters and gonacies retreat to the place occupied by the hunter;
  • The hunter has the obligation to download the gun before leaving the stand.